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Percussion Video by Philippe Spiesser

For Feed-Drum, 3 SkinActs and Multi-percussions

Excerpts from the première at Festival Aujourd’hui Musique, Theatre de l’Archipel, Perpignan (F) 18/11/2012

On stage four large drums with metal frames; lights directed on the skin of each drum indicate the design of the vibrational modes of the instrument. The dynamic interweaving of lines, diameters and circumferences is projected onto a screen filling the backdrop, demonstrating the variety and fascination of the vibration of the material.
The sound emission is imposing and symphonic: a counterpoint of striking rhythms, pitches, tone colours springing from the interactive skins as from an orchestra.
Feed-Drum and SkinAct are the names of the augmented instruments where acoustic and electronic technology meet, opening up new possibilities of sound and performance.
Philippe Spiesser plays the percussion instruments with firm assured gestures, exploring the skins, bringing the vibrations of the material to the limit and transforming the sounds from impulsive and resonant to an intersected song of voices that, with a continuous flow, wanders through the diverse expressive moments of the works of Laura Bianchini and Michelangelo Lupone.

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