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Drum Picture by Franck Agulhon

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“Franck is a Jazz Percussionist who has, thanks to his many experiences, a big knowledge of his job and a very personal and actual style. Since a long time, he wanted to write an exhaustive drum book to ease Jazz drummer’s many possibilities to develop their playing with a selection of chosen exercises about pure technical topics or complex patterns execution.
In a progressive and rational manner, Franck gives, in this very complete work, almost all the keys of the stylistic subtleties and mechanisms, to help those who care to refine their drumming approach into today’s music and especially to free the musicians from the technical constraints which decline their creative potential.
The range of the pedagogical propositions in this method also allow a fun approach of everyday practice. An indispensable work for any musicien whatever his technical level. Everyone will find in this “DRUMBOOK” a leitmotiv of his choice in this daily practice whatever the style or the kind of music he aims to improve.
Thanks Franck for this beautiful tool !”

Daniel Humair

If you want to purchase Franck’s “DRUM BOOK” !

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