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Where are you from and where do you live now ?
Australia, and I still live here.

Since when have you played the drums ?
I began in my late teens.

Who or what inspired you to play the drums ?
I remember seeing my first live band when I was young and being captivated by the drummer. The physical presence was something that appealed to me from my very first viewing. I was introduced to music by friends at school who played other instruments and needed a drummer.

Where did you study ?
I did my Bachelor of Music at QUT in Brisbane and am currently doing my Doctorate at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

Which drummer most inspired you?
At the start is was many of the rock drummer from the 90’s such as Tommy Lee, Tommy Aldridge, Tico Torres etc. As I developed my musical knowledge I began to appreciate and be inspired by drummers Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Coliauta and Marvin « Smitty » Smith.

Since when have you been professional ?
I started professionally in 1989.

Who did you begin you career with ?
A rock covers band.

How do you practice ?
By working on new creative ideas and developing techniques to help achieve these.

How much time a day/a week do you practice?
In my formative years it was 10-12 hours a day. Now I’m very active so no so much anymore as I look for performance and educational opportunities to explore the skills that I have developed.

Can you tell us about the set-up of your drum set ?
My drum set is quite large to accommodate my solo compostions. It has been very thoughfully designed and everything on it has a purpose and has been meticulously placed for my playing style. My website : has a full listing of all the parts of the set up.

What is your approach to teaching ?
It is best to take in mind the goals of the individual. I design my lessons so that student is engaged in activities that both inspire and motivate them.

Who are you playing with ?
My focus is as a solo drummer.

If you could be in possession of only 3 albums, witch would they be ?
Crossroads : Eric Marienthal
One More Once : Michel Camilo
1987 : Whitesnake

Do you have any shows or album releases coming up?
New live DVD coming out soon !

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