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Where are you from and where do you live now ?
I was born in Jaen, a small town in Andalusia in the south of Spain. Now I live and I teach in another city around Jaen called Torre Del Campo.

Since when have you played the drums ?
I began to play the drums at the age of 18.

Who or what inspired you to play the drums ?
At the beginning, no one inspired me to play the drums, it was only chance ! I used to play the guitar in a band and one day our drummer left us. I wanted to try and that’s how I became a drummer !

Where did you study ?
I’m almost a self-learner. I took a few lessons with Pepe Sanchez in Madrid when I was 19. He shown me the basics and taught me to read music. I learned everything else on my own.

Which drummer most inspired you?
Long time ago, I had the opportunity to watch Steve Gadd’s educational video and it changed the way I play. Before this day, I used to play without thinking, only feeling. Then I understood drumming was much more complicated and I began to work with all the books I can find.

How much time a day/a week do you practice?
The truth is that I have very few time to my personal work cause I have more than 6O students. I try to create new exercises to improve my teaching. When I can, I do some warming exercises to keep my hands in shape. I only have 2 or 3 days for me every two weeks.

What is your approach to teaching ?
I have my personal way to teach the drums, related to my personal experience and career. I don’t want to make professionals only, I give a global teaching.
I want to give great basics to my students, for their band to have confidence in them. I want them to be able to play great grooves in the pocket more than stratospheric fills !
I put the accent on musicality and interaction, the most important to me is my drummers to be at the band’s service for it to work like a Swiss watch.

Who are you playing with ?
I don’t have time to play gigs cause of my schedule and I when I have time, I love to learn new drum concepts.
My musician career was mostly with a band called Apache. We played everywhere in Spain and in Europa.
But I also played with Jazz, Funk and electronic music bands.

If you could be in possession of only 3 albums, witch would they be ?
Only Three, it isn’t easy at all ! It would be :

° « Secret Story » Pat Metheny
° « Second Out » Genesis
° « So » Peter Gabriel

I love this discs, each one for different reasons, at different times. But anyway, I’ll take more music !

Do you have any shows or album releases coming up ?
I’m gathering the hundreds of exercises I wrote during all these years to write an edited drum book. I also have to find some time to work on my Yamaha DTX 950 and computers cause I’m keen on technologies and electronic !

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