Trailer Drumming Kairos

Nouveauté, Vidéos | Publié le par Claus Hessler

Drums Video by Claus Hessler

Trailer for the upcoming educational DVD « DRUMMING KAIROS » by Claus Hessler; published with Alfred Music Publishing. The facts: 2-Disc Set, more than 5 hours of video footage, technical and conceptual groundwork, Moeller Technique « through the Chapin glasses », collapsed rudiments, drumset applications from « Open-Handed Playing Vol. I and II » and « Daily Drumset Workout », 110+ pages pdf booklet, free poster for the daily shed, additional appearances: Steve Smith, Alex Acuna, René Creemers, Wim de Vries, Johnny Rabb, Walfred Reyes, Jr. Todd Suchermann, John Riley, dual language (English/Deutsch)

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