Miguel Morales

Born February 11, 1956 in Jaén, Andalusia (Spain).
At the age of 14 years (1970) begins in the world of music playing guitar in various groups of the school where he studied.
In 1973 (17 years) started playing drums in a semi-professional orchestra, Songs, performing at festivals throughout Spain.
During 1977 and 1978 for military service in the Band of the Army Ministry in Madrid.
In these two years to study music takes on its own and get a few drum lessons from Pepe Sanchez, one of the best drummers of the moment Spanish.
In 1979, along with a group of friends formed a new band, Geyser, which then will be renamed APACHE, with which he recorded his first album (SURVIVE) that reached the top of the Spanish charts and some South American countries .
With this same band, will be 22 years, during which he recorded four more albums (one of which, a double CD, Live in Barcelona) and will have annual tours throughout Spain.
In the years 1981-1984, during winters, toured Scandinavia, with many performances in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
During the last two years with the band, performances every Friday of the year in one of the most prestigious halls of Spain, the Luz de Gas, Barcelona
In 1988 he founded his own drum school (School GROOVE) currently taking about 70 students from all over Spain.
Since its formation is self-taught, his method of teaching is based on his own experience and methods that have most interested (Gary Chester, Gary Brown, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Jim Chaplin, André Mallau, Xavi Reija, etc.) . Later create your own exercises to work with students. His idol is Steve Gadd.
Among the activities of the School, organized Clinics for students, with artists such as Angel Crespo, Pepe Sanchez, Xavier Reija, José Mena, Pedro Barceló, Joseph Bruno, etc., And international artists the likes of Akira Jimbo, Wolfgang Haffner, etc.
In 1989 he also began working with YAMAHA, as demonstrator Systems Batteries and electronic percussion. During all these years, has made many tours of demonstration throughout Spain and Portugal, highlighting when he and Sonny Emory. He has also taught on electronic percussion Clinics in various Spanish cities such as Madrid, Valencia and Tarragona and Fairs Music in Madrid and Valencia.
In 1999 Endorser is incorporated Zildjian brand for both dishes to drumsticks.
In this same year he also began working as Brand Endorser of Evans drum patches.
In 2000 he began to collaborate with specialized Spanish music magazines such as drumsticks, Batteries, Battery Total, Megadrums, All Percussion, doing Test Benches YAMAHA batteries.
In 2001 his band always leaves and becomes part of other projects very different from each other. Does your electronic band (DOMESTIC) with which he has recorded an album and toured Spain and made performances in the two most important festivals in this country, the SONAR in Barcelona and the Festival of Benicassim.
It also has a Band-Latin Jazz (JAZZ QUINTET ADICTION) and two bands in preparation, a Brazilian music (D’Jamba) and an electronic duo with saxophonist Sergio Albacete.
Performance with the Big Band Jazz Andalus, under the direction of Michel Mossman.
In 2007 signed as Brand Endorser of Wincent drumsticks.
In 2010 leaves Zildjian and Paiste joins the family as Endorser of the brand.
Their trends are currently, keep studying and learning and, through its School, help all
the new generations to enter the wonderful world of the Battery.


Miguel Morales

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