Wolfgang Schüler

– born on 24.9.1964 in Kaufbeuren
-1980: Start of my drumming-activities. Lessons from Max Kinker.
-1982 – 1987: Studie of classical percussion instruments, drums, mallets and piano at the Leopold-Mozart-Konservatorium in Augsburg with Mr. Hungbauer and Mr. Happernagel. Workshops with Heinrich Hock.
-1988: Workshop with Alvin Queen in Munich.
-1989-1991: Multiple musical activities in Cologne. Cooperation with several jazz- and experimental- groups, performances and the galaband « Golden Starlight ». Compositions for ballets and the theatrical « DADA-Revue ».

Award for the most unwanted citizen of the city of Cologne.

-1993-1997: Drummer, arranger and composer for the jazz-bigband « Horns Up ».
-1998: Workshop with Terry Bozzio in Marktoberdorf.
-1998-2002: Drummer for the fusion group « Superbraaz ». « Drumbattle-concerts » at the Altbau/Irsee with Max Kinker (dr), Thomas Bauer (piano), Thomas Gleixner (bass) und Leo Link (git).
-since 2002: Drummer for the jazzgroup « The Five Funny Fours ». « Drumbattle-concert » at the Altbau/Irsee with Walter Bittner (dr), Tiny Schmauch (bass) and Leo Link (git).
-2003: Realisation of my drumschool TERRA DRUMMICA VOLUME 1 .
– 2004: Realisation of THE TRANSCRIPTIONBOOK. Worldwide panic reactions.
Workshops at: Hakim Ludin, Steve Smith, Jeff Hamiliton, Johnny Rabb, Russ Miller, Thomas Lang
– 2005: Realease of TERRA DRUMMICA VOLUME 2.
– since then: various jobs as drummer, pianist, composer and teacher.


Wolfgang Schüler

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